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By downloading this GPX track you agree to these conditions - READ HERE
The trail has been put up by country based volunteers. The accuracy of the trail is not guaranteed, nor are the GPS co-ordinates. We do not represent or warrant that materials in the site or the services are accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free. We cannot represent or warrant that the site or its servers are free of viruses or other harmful components. If you stray onto private land, apologise and get back onto the byway or trail. These trails can be shut or permanently closed at short notice under local law. Do not ride trails beyond your capability. If unsure, get off your bike and walk the trail first. Trail riding alone, especially on trails you do not know is really unwise. Wear the proper safety kit. Many country trails are rarely maintained. You will find ruts, holes, floods, treacherous surfaces and the occasional booby trap hazard deliberately placed by people who do not like motorcycles using trails. When you use the trails, you are on your own. You exercise your judgement in your own skills and your own navigation. All we can do is show you where some of the trails are, but this can change at a moment's notice.

Practical tips for trails you do not know;

1: Ride in at least a pair. If you fall with a motorcycle pinning you down to cold and damp earth, in the Europe we do not have to worry about being eaten by exotic carnivores (usually!) but exposure, hypothermia and shock can do a very effective job of killing you. Do not rely on the trails having a regular through flow of users to come to your aid;

2: If your riding companion cannot pick your bike up off you then get a lighter bike, a stronger riding companion or ride in a bigger group;

3: Trails can vary immensely. A vehicular right of way can be a rocky or muddy scramble;

4: Adventure bikes – especially on adventure tyres – can struggle with some trails. Do not just bowl into trails because they are on a map – they can be horribly technical and totally unsuitable for even fairly competent riders on light machines or experienced riders on bigger machines;

5: Stop for horses and kill your engines to let equestrians pass. A horse spooking at a bike revving will be likely to result in criminal charges if the police get involved and a motorcycle is a lot easier to control than a horse;

6: On the trails there will be free running dogs. Do your best to be nice to them;

7: Mobile phone coverage can be patchy on the trails. Do not rely on calling an ambulance – if you’ve got stuck, the emergency services are going to get just as stuck trying to retrieve you. That is if you can raise them by telephone;

8: Finally, obey the golden rule, which is don’t be a dick by unnecessarily annoying other country side users or letting ego outstrip talent.


1Length of TET in country
2Expected time to cover TET in country
3Best time of year to ride TET in country
4Entry point into country
5Exit point from country
Hungarian Forint (HUF)
8Emergency telephone number


104 - ambulance & emergency medical services

105 - fire-brigade, rescue services, civil protection

107 - police

9Drive on the...
10Laws regarding wild camping
Wild camping is allowed but you must only spend a maximum of 24 hours in one place.
11Trail riding and the law
In general, you can use free roads in Hungary - including trails (on motorways you use a pre-paid vignette BEFORE you commence). These routes are common usable routes. There are private roads owned by an individual - in this case the owner keeps traffic out of his/her area (if he/she wants to) with signs: No entry; Restricted area, etc, or CLOSED guarded by a bar org gate. If the bar/gate is open, you can enter - but slowly....

The second main rule and restriction is that you must not leave the road. The Forest Law in Hungary states that you cannot ride into woods, an open meadow, etc (On foot, of course you can!)

In the worst case scenario, you will be stopped by an official inside a restricted area. It is highly recommended that you use a switched on GPS to record your ACTUAL track and they can then follow your path back and will not see any restrictions.

Unfortunately, we have some areas when you find signs only at one end of route. In this case the best advice is to apologise and be polite but firmly keep to the facts - that should do it.

12Bike events on or near the TET


A Work in Progress! Please contact the Linesman by e-mail if you think you can help with tracks or points of interest


The cuisine is special - very tasty! We use lots of spices. Traditional meals: gulyas, (like a stew, soup), halaszle (fish soup with hungarian paprika), turos csusza (pasta with farm cheese, sour creme and smoked-roasted fat (spec/hungarian bacon), stuffed cabbage,. As always, home cooking is the best!