What would you do if you had an emergency

on the TET?


These are two real posts from the TET Facebook Group...



Thankfully the riders involved made full recoveries. The Trans Euro Trail is a glorious cultural motorcycle adventure and the vast majority of riders come home with fantastic memories and experiences to share. However, we must all remember that we are vulnerable road users. Add to that the unpredictability of unpaved roads and the isolated landscapes we seek out and it would be wise to plan ahead and think about what we would do if things go wrong.

By downloading the GPX files from this website you are agreeing to undertake your trip at your own risk. You need to make sure you, your bike, your kit and your travel insurance is all in order.

For those looking for extra security and reassurance, the Trans Euro Trail recommends you take out a membership with Global Rescue.*


*Global Rescue is not a replacement for travel insurance. It offers emergency services that can be used in addition to your travel insurance. You are responsible for your own safety and security whilst traveling on the TET.



Global Rescue is a membership organisation staffed by experts in immediate medical care, search and rescue who specialise in Field Rescue and medical evacuation.

When alerted to a serious or life threatening medical emergency by phone call, text or email, whether by mobile network or satellite communicator, they advise and then coordinate and pay for a response by the local emergency services and/or their own assets to deliver pre-hospital emergency medical assistance to your location and extract you by land and/or air to a medical facility where definitive care can occur. If necessary they will then cover medical repatriation to your country of residence.

Their multilingual facilities minimise any delays generated by language difficulties - wherever you are and whatever languages you and the locals speak.

Global Rescue membership augments rather than replaces standard travel insurance, filling the critical period between accident and the delivery of definitive care.



Every TET Rider chooses how they wish to mitigate the risks of adventurous motorcycle travel. Some will fit mooses, some will wear a neck brace, some will carry  a satellite communicator. You will choose whether this element of risk mitigation is for you. We felt it was important to alert you to this type of service.


Please note that Global Rescue is US based and not regulated or authorised  by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. Recourse to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme is therefore not possible. Global Rescue membership is not a replacement for comprehensive travel health insurance. It augments it.