TET: Romania/Serbia as a beginner

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TET: Romania/Serbia as a beginner

Post by El Pollo Diablo » Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:48 am


New on the forum here. My name is Stephan, 33 years old and i'm from Holland. I'm a motorcycle journalist for a Dutch motorcycle magazine and i ride a KTM 1190 Adventure. As a young kid i was always looking at the world map, so i got infected with the travelling virus, like most of you i assume :D After riding for years through Europe on the tarmac, i want to do some offroading now. This summer i'm planning (hate that word) a 4 week / 8000km trip to Eastern Europe: Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine, maybe a corner of Russia just to have been there, Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia and back through Croatia and Slovenia. But here's the question:

Perhaps i want to do some offroad trails from the Trans Euro Trail in Serbia and Romania. But i'm not really an experienced offroad rider plus i've got the KTM hard case panniers. I'm going to do an offroad training in advance, but still. Maybe you guys tell me to better pick up the TET route in other counties.

Furthermore, i have a couple of choices regarding tyres, which i get sponsored for a tyre test: Bridgestone AX41, A41 or Dunlop Trailsmart Max. I think my trip will be 70% tarmac and 30% offroad. Any thoughts on this? Thanks so much :8

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