Bike legalities

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Bike legalities

Post by Tipmethewink » Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:32 pm

I've had a search around the web and on Simon's web site for the legal requirements for motorcycles in Spain. My bike has no indicators and no wing mirrors (actually I've added one) which, if they're not standard equipment, I believe is legal within the UK. Certainly that's how it was supplied to me from new. I had assumed that the bike would be legal in this configuration throughout Europe but I now don't believe this is actually the case. Does anyone know where I might find what is mandatory equipment to be legal on the road in Spain? Thanks,


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Re: Bike legalities

Post by Simon_100 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:11 am


Difficult! I guess only people like the AA or RAC could give you legal advice about the legalities of taking vehicles abroad.

For what it's worth all bikes in Spain are supplied with road kits, i.e. winkers, mirrors, etc. and these have to be fitted for riding on public access 'roads' i.e. trails, and even if your bike was equipped pre-rules they have to be up to date, e.g. the ITV mandatory test insisted that I fit second mirrors to my 2002 Alp which didn't have that as standard ...

In practice I've found that the authorities are pretty laid back - as long as you are too, i.e. no ragging it! - and at the very least it would be helpful to show willing. But you have to ask about validity of insurance cover, accidents, etc.


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