TRAIL DIFFICULTY- Italy (Lake Garda) to Slovenia

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TRAIL DIFFICULTY- Italy (Lake Garda) to Slovenia

Post by jdub.air » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:53 am

Hello riders! Was hoping for some info on the trail conditions and or difficulty from Lake Gauda to include like 10k into Slovenia on the TET. I would like to do some of the TET but willing to postpone if the trail is moderate to difficult terrain. I am on a Tenere 700 and look to take this section east to west starting September 10.

The bike is new and non kitted. I just want to get a feel for the bike (I'm more dirt bike 250 2stroke and liter sport bike oriented).

I would love to get some great views and and an easy-ish run. Anyone have experience here that can recommend trail difficulty? Thanks!

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