Section CH-ITA-3-2 (Gondo-Borgosesia-Bardonecchia) with Africa Twin?

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Section CH-ITA-3-2 (Gondo-Borgosesia-Bardonecchia) with Africa Twin?

Post by StehtimSchilf » Tue Jul 09, 2019 1:23 am

Hello TETs

I ride a 2017 Honda Africa Twin with Heidenau K 60 tires. I'm wondering if the sections from Gondo (Switzerland) - Borgosesia - Bardonecchia - Monte Jafferau and Assieta are suitable for an ADV bike like the Africa Twin?

I've downloaded the GPX and it seems there are no dangerous, extremely hard or hard way-points on these sections.
  • Is this assumption correct?
  • What do you think about riding these sections alone?
thank you & cheerioh
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Honda Africa Twin 2017, manual transmission
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Re: Section CH-ITA-3-2 (Gondo-Borgosesia-Bardonecchia) with Africa Twin?

Post by mastercore » Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:15 am

I was in this section of Italy TET about 3 weeks ago. I also ride a Honda Africa Twin with TKC70s. Similar tyres I guess, you may even have more offroad bias than me. (BTW how do you find these tyres on the road?)
I Started in Arona and got to the Alpe Soglia mountain climb (Corio)
I was also traveling alone with about 20kg luggage which included camping gear.

First it was a blast. I loved it. Some sections were quite challenging, but I never felt that I was taking huge risks and I always thought that in the case of being stuck, I would find some locals that could help me out.
There are some points I missed because of of warnings in the GPX files and when I got to them I thought it be better to go around. (I cannot find and example now on google maps for some strange reason)

I made a 8min vid of the ride but Youtube did not like it so it lives on a enduro chat group in Telegram. Here you will see how some sections of the trail look like. You are welcome to join it. ( my handle is Mastercore. You should find my video in there somehwere.

btw: I had planned to do the whole western section of the Italy TET but ended up turning back at Soglia because of an injury to my left wrist. Also I went the week before we had the heat wave in Europe, so lucky I was not on the trail through 40dec heat!!
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Section CH-ITA-3-2 (Gondo-Borgosesia-Bardonecchia) with Africa Twin?

Post by Mariu » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:08 pm

hello you can easily do with that bike and those tires, which I remember there is only one passage to be careful in the woods near Lake Viverone if you are a beginner in off-road.
is indicated on the track
if you need help, work permitting I live near Vercelli

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