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TET Changelog

Post by Redballrun » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:08 pm

02 Jul 2019 - redundant POIs removed


14 Jan 2018 - Went Live
15 Jan 2018 - minor alteration in north to avoid a recently established Nature Reserve and add a few more trails
23 Mar 2018 - alterations to avoid unsustainable areas
16 Apr 2018 - routed around two riding schools and nature area
12 June 2018 - avoidance of two restricted areas and POIs stating no big bikes
20 June 2018 - reroute at the request of a supportive farmer and avoidance of a field
30 Oct 2018 - amendments made in some areas
23 Apr 2019 - amended to avoid a private road (unmarked)

14 Jun 2019 - Went live

Bosnia and Herzegovina



27 Jan 2018 - minor changes to make more scenic

04 May 2018 - More dirt oriented than before and more variety.
28 June 2018 - changes in north to include more dirt
21 May 2019 - a 726km western section introduced
28 May 2019 - amendments to Estonia TET NW section
06 Jun 2019 - amendments to eastern arm to increase off pavement percentage and introduce some more challenging sections
01 Juk 2019 - inout from estonian biker.ee forum members and Saku area updated in NW track

16 July 2018 - The South has been completely reworked. Total Now: 2300km; POIs (historic sites/lookouts/TET riders welcome) have been added -> more to come; TET Riders Welcome stickers on 1) one campsite owned by a rallye enthusiast, 2) one B&B with a PROPER garage and tools (the owner is an enduro freak and an experienced mechanic), 3) another campsite/B2B, and 4) another enduro rider willing to lend his tools and experience. All of them have been marked in the gpx as well. There will also a resource list on the forum featuring all of them.
09 Sep 2018 - minor adjustment to avoid a large Rottweiler and its owner
23 Jun 2019 - changes in Lapland and Petäjävesi

16 Jan 2018 - numerous changes to avoid either illegal or impassable parts
23 Mar 2018 - removal of multiple choices for St Cernin to Italy
08 Apr 2018 - rerouting round blockages in northern France
15 May 2018 - link between France and Belgium plus Calais to earlier TET, a new section around Paris, track around Massif central improved, detour to recognise sign post and private property around Oraison
03 June 2018 - amendments to bypass blockages and private road
26 June 2018 - corrections to avoid "no Entry" signs near Spanish border
05 July 2018 - addition of section to Comminges along the French Pyrenees. Suitable as alternative especially in winter. Links to Section 17 Catalonia of TET Spain
25 July 2018 - Some minors adjustments around Vierzon and Girgols
10 Aug 2018 - Amendment near Forcalquier, some new tracks in the Alpes Maritimes and an improvement in the accuracy of other areas' traces. For those that want to explore the City of Love, there is a new track from Chartres to Paris
22 Aug 2018 - A new section 8 which will permit the access to and from France via Le Havre, Section 1 has been improved between La Bourboule and Aurillac, Section 2 improved between Saint Cernin and Mazamet, some minor adjustment on the section 4
29 Aug 2018 - slight amendments between La Bouboule and Aurillac not included in previous update
05 Sep 2018 - addition of Section 9 which completes a low level route from the Med to the Atlantic for winter use.
12 Sep 2018 - minor amendments to avoid closed gates
17 Oct 2018 - Addition of Corsica (not summer), modifications to Section 2 and section 5
05 Nov 2018 - minor amendments
27 Feb 2019 - minor modifications
07 Apr 2019 - Section 1 obstructions added, some parts of the section 3 have been updated, update on the section 4, improved the section 10 and added a section 11 in Corsica.
04 Jun 2019 - a number of alterations and additions inc addition of some garage POIs
22 Jun 2019 - New parts on the Section 4; Section 1 updated due to a Farmer who asks to not cross his land
21 Jul 2019 - Section 9 changed due to the problem on the spanish portion, update on the section 2, thanks to Stéphane Bouvet, this portion include UOR 2019 tracks, a new Refuge on the spanish border, le Refuge des Salines, udate on the section 1, Thanks to Sylvain Cousinard, the tracks have been gently move to avoid crossing a private property.

30 Oct 2018: addition of a new section from Polish Border. Rationalisation of tracepoints in Section 1
09 Nov 2018: some minor alterations in E-W section

14 May 2018 - 3 changes. 5km extra
07 June 2018 - minor changes due to blockages and extension to Turkish border


24 Oct 2018 - two changes in the Alps following landslides and the addition of Sardinia and Sicily to TET Italy!
21 May 2019 - amendment in Sicily to avoid destroyed bridge
04 Jun 2019 - new connection to TET CH, detour round blocked road near Lamon, BL, removal of forbidden road in Lombardy, new section to reach ferries to Corsica, new route near France border
15 Jul 2019 - amendments to a number of sections to address trails destroyed in storms and, to a certain extent, to mitigate risk as some riders seem to be taking unnecessary risks. Sanitisation?

26 Apr 2019 - adjusted to avoid a national park and include a campsite

24 May 2018: an additional 100km added with a reroute away from a gentleman's garden
30 June 2018: amendment to reroute round private track and bridge
22 July 2018: a number of amendments : removed 4 blocked roads or private yards to make locals happy. Also added wild camping POI (thanks Desert Rat); removed farmer’s yard section and added sandy section/shortcut from missile base (thanks Juozas).


11 Dec 2017: Amendments to tracks in the south and a visit to an historic castle in the north.
04 Jan 2018: Minor amendments around Bourtange and avoiding a small bridge where co-use is inadvisable
15 Jan 2018: Minor amendments in south and addition of canalised ride in north
04 Feb 2018: cleaned up and added a ford
03 Apr 2018: new route from Hilversum to Ijmuiden, minor alterations in southern section
20 Jun 2018: Major changes to the southern part of the country and one small change in the northern section. GPX trackpoint number rationalised.
14 Aug 2018: A few small changes to the route to respond to local requests
05 Mar 2019 - some minor amendments north of here way jan to address closed roads
07 Apr 2019 - alteration to avoid private road
24 Apr 2019 - rerouted because of signs; campsites added
06 Jul 2019 - liaison stage to ports almost entirely revised to make it more scenic (98% tarmac), minor changes to north section, updated waypoints
24 Jul 2019 - Updates in south and north

15 Jan 2018 - Major amendment to include a 1285km loop in the south of Norway
13 Aug 2018 - A few minor amendments in Sections 1 and 2 to deal with private roads

10 June 2018 - 2 amendments and addition of some POIs
15 July 2018 - major new section westwards to the German border with a host of fascinating historical sites

07 July 2018 - changes to track east of Lisbon and rationalisation of number of track points
18 Oct 2018 - numerous small changes fed in by TET Riders

27 Aug 2018 - rationalisation of trackpoints. Major changes throughout with a new extension to Bulgarian border. The route has been broken up into alternating gentler though still scenic sections and wild country stretches.
29 Aug 2018 - Major changes to create alternating easier and off road sections, extend to Bulgarian border and rationalise number of trackpoints

22 Jun 2018 - amendments to avoid military areas and new extension to connect with anticipated TET Hungary


06 Apr 2018: New loop down towards Trieste. addition of POIs
20 Jun 2018: amended to exclude some routes barred by signs
27 Jun 2018: amended to remove a potentially hazardous section by a railway track
05 July 2018: rerouted to avoid a private property. Removed a whole section which was more and more on asphalt due to restrictions
14 Apr 2019: some alterations to address local issues
18 Apr 2019: minor alterations near coast
30 Jun 2019: further granularity of detail added in response to Facebook post
10 Jul 2019: rerouted to avoid a route popular with mountain bikers

08 Apr 2018: two blocks areas in Castille-Leon removed
20 May 2018: Andorra revised, Castille-Leon and La Rioja revised
03 June 2018: Brand new 2,000km section from Tarifa to Pyrenees via southern Spain. Additional loop in Catalunia
18 June 2018: 3 detours added to avoid bird breeding area and signposted bans
04 July 2018: two minor additions of trail in Catalunya and Andalusia and extension of Catalunya Section 17 to French border in preparation for joining with French Transpyrenean route
12 July 2018: amendments to trail around Tremp to include more off tar. Amendment in Catalonia to avoid agricultural land and some tar
24 July 2018: amendments around Seville to avoid closed roads and with reroute to avoid the city
27 July 2018: Detour to avoid the Parc Natural de Cadí-Moixero plus a trail route to the south of the Parc that is open all winter so Andorra's high mountains can be avoided.
03 Sep 2018: changes in Catalonia to deal with recently identified barriers
18 Sep 2018: small amendment in Section 17 to address washed away road
31 Oct 2018: completely new Navarre section, alterations in Andalusia including leg to avoid Tarifa loop
14 Nov 2018: minor amendments following local trail riders' feedback
15 Nov 2018: additional loop in Tabernas; Bardenas optional loop
16 May 2019: new sections to link to Santander and Bilbao. Pyrenees winter route improved. Deepest Andalusia route removed.
25 May 2019: Deepest Andalusia reinstated as tested and fine; additional hazard signs added
29 May 2019: alteration in Section 1 to avoid farm
11 Jun 2019: Section C removed as crosses nature areas
28 Jun 2019: New section to BCN, amendment to Section 14
18 Jul 2018: Alterations in Aragon and Andalusia (due to natural reserves limitations)

15 Jan 2018: Major amendment to allow entry and exit to TET Norway southern loop
27 June 2018: Amendments un south and north sections and rationalisation of GPX into 3 sections with six of 2MB rather than 7MB and 8 sections
15 July 2018: removal and rerouting round some closed roads and shelters updated
02 Aug 2018: 2 alterations in Section 1 to respond to requests from local community
08 Jun 2019: amendments to Section 1 and 2 to respond to requests from local community
08 Aug 2019: numerous changes in response to feed back from tet riders via the tet app

26 Mar 2019: 40km of alterations in Section 1


United Kingdom
04 Feb 2018: Amendments to section from Dover to Newport including 3 alternatives on Salisbury Plain to use during Seasonal TRO on Ridgeway and if military activities taking place.
28 Feb 2018: Amended to remove Gore Lane which has TRO on it in Kent
17 May 2018: Additions in Northumberland, Helwith Lane in North Yorkshire reinstated and Ridgeway TRO included
24 July 2018: Amended to remove a footpath on Whinlatter Pass in the Lake District and to tide up route around Hope
06 Apr 2019: Major changes. The Great Western Trail added. Links to Portsmouth, Plymouth and Poole. Minor amendments on Salisbury Plain, Slaley Forest and in SE England
31 Aug 2019: revised route at Barmouth/Dogellau including the addition of a new trail, world's steepest street added, alteration at Stoney Middleton, an added castle, removal of no entry street in Sidmouth and another in Gunnsilake
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