Adventure Logistics for Shouther Spain TET

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Adventure Logistics for Shouther Spain TET

Post by MotoAdvLogistics » Fri Apr 05, 2019 4:52 pm

Hi all. If you are doing the southern Spain TET or going to Morocco, and need any kind of assistance or service, just contact me. Storage, parking, pick-up, transfer, accomodation, etc. Biker to biker service and price.
I am based at Cádiz (Southern Spain), and I am starting to offer a logistical support service in adventure travel through Shouthern Europe TET, and also Morocco and Europe. The idea is to accompany the group of bikers and bring in my van your luggage, and the possible companions, couples, children, etc. I would organize the refreshment stops (picnic, beers ...) and wait for the bikers at the hired accommodation with all the luggage already prepared in their room. I could also serve as a support vehicle for breakdowns or accidents. I would take care of all the cumbersome tasks so that the biker only had to enjoy riding his motorcycle. I offer to be your butler so you just have to think about enjoying the bike. I'll take your luggage, I'll organize a picnic on the road or a barbecue at night. I have the camp ready or the luggage at the hotel. If you are tired or injured we put the motorcycle on the trailer and you come in the van. You can bring your partner who hates to ride the motorcycle, or your children and I take them in the vehicle. It is obviously a premium service but I consider offering it at a price accessible to all. I would offer a price from biker to biker. What I am proposing is not organizing anything. I do not intend to become a travel agency, but to provide an assistance service, to support the trip, adapting to the plans and routes already established by the group and simply making meeting points to eat, for example, where I would be In charge of having ready the supplys, also transfer of luggage and companions, broom car for the tired or injured and anything I can do in pursuit of the comfort of the pilots. It is a service that is actually completely dispensable, but it can be very convenient to have, especially when, distributed among the components of a large group, the cost per person would not really be high at all. Someone interested?


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