EU/Balkans/Turkey green card/ + bike storage, one stop shop

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EU/Balkans/Turkey green card/ + bike storage, one stop shop

Post by Dooby » Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:42 pm

Hi all,

As long time member of community on many forums like ADVrider, HUBB, Kiwi biker, etc I am also contributing member to TET as linesman for Croatia.

In 2015 community (US and Canada) asked me to start with the service of providing green card insurance coverage for overlanders coming from US, Canada, NZ, Australia etc. Riders on the other side of the pond thought that at those time providers were not market oriented and asked from us to create a product because we're part of the community for long time.

So from 2015 we're providing green card insurance coverage for EU and from 2018 we will be providing coverage for all of the countries in Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania) and Turkey. Each country will be offered on it's own enabling you to tailor made your journey alongside the TET lines. Balkans countries and Turkey will be on offer from March the 1th.

Direct link for green card insurance on our website:

And links to other forums and threads with testimonials: ... e.1075077/ ... card-93020

Alongside to offering green card insurance services, our core business is hospitality and tour operator business that we operate via our Lobagola B&B located in Zagreb, Croatia, where the real TET starts towards the Balkans :)

We're offering to all of the TET community members 15 % DISCOUNT for their stay with us, throughout the year. :handgestures-thumbup:

Hundreds of overlanders on motorcycle have stayed with us since opening, and we're known of doing crazy feats to help people in trouble all over Balkans, Asia and Africa.

Acting as one stop shop next to accommodation we're providing as tour operator, vast list of services for motorcycle travellers and 4x4 overlanders:

- motorcycle storage on site (trickle charging in dry garage system beneath the main hospitality building)
- spare parts (tires, oil, filters etc etc)
- motorcycle service arranged with our partners as well as tire changes
- motorcycle parts storage (ship your parts in advance and do the service at our garage, where full tool is offered to use)
- motorcycle transport
- listing motorcycle's for sale on our website free of charge

Working with our partners and friends in Africa and Asia we can support your journey in either direction, providing routing, fresh local info, sorting VISA's, LOI's, carnet's, guides etc etc.

Looking fwd to any questions regarding the above offered services.

Enjoy riding TET, built by community for the community :handgestures-thumbup:

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