Yorkshire Dales

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Andy Brown
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Yorkshire Dales

Post by Andy Brown » Mon May 21, 2018 3:44 pm

Hello fellow TET'ers. I'm new to the forum and the TET, (so thanks for having me!) and was looking for some advice for a beginner. :confusion-helpsign:

I do have some offroad experience so I'm not an absolute novice at riding, but I haven't ridden or navigated any of the TET and therefore have no sense of scale of the difficulty and timescale required - I don't want to take on sections that are beyond my skill and/or not allow enough time either.

My plan is to give the Yorkshire Dales a go from the Skipton area, in a loop taking in Aysgarth, Hawes areas, back down to Ingleton (on road?) then picking up the TET again back to Skipton area. I'd be riding solo on a Yamaha XT225 Serow, camping. I'd be travelling to the area beforehand, camping overnight before starting it. The plan was to camp halfway to enjoy two days of steady, safe riding. I'm not looking to set any records, just take it easy, enjoy the scenery, support the local economy as I pass through and leave the route as I found it for the next rider to enjoy.

As the old saying goes - 'with sufficient planning you can take the fun out of anything', but I'd just like some basic advice on if I'm completely out of bed with my expectations on this area - is it too hard going for a first time outing / easily navigated (I'm not great with technology and completely new to transferring GPX routes etc) (using a Garmin Zumo 550).

Any sections I should bypass / cranky locals that I'd prefer not to antagonise / un-ridable sections owing to the condition of the terrain - I don't want to make it worse, etc.

TIA for any replies, and thankyou to all the Linesmen and contributors to the TET.

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Re: Yorkshire Dales

Post by Greg » Wed May 30, 2018 6:12 am

Just go for it Andy, you have some off road experience so that is a good start, your bike is perfect and capable, if you come to a technical section you are unsure of just be bold and have a go you may surprise yourself 👍
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