Section 6 Castille Leon

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Section 6 Castille Leon

Post by mapeters » Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:31 am

Hi Simon,
Firstly, thank you for the massive effort on the Spain TET routes, I know how much work goes into it.
I've ridden the route from Bilbao across the Pyrenees and is incredible.
There is a group of 13 of us (will be riding in smaller groups) heading to Portugal in mid-May, on the way was looking at riding Section 6 from Bilbao to Ponferrada.
It is all big bikes, Honda ATs, R1200GS and KTMs, all experienced off-road but some new to big bikes.
What would this section be like, is it ok for these bikes in experienced hands, are there any parts of this section that would be too difficult and you would recommend to avoid?
Any advice would be very much appreciated as ideally do not want to lead a bunch of GS' into the abyss :)
Many thanks,
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Re: Section 6 Castille Leon

Post by Simon_100 » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:40 am

Hi Martyn,

Thanks for your kind words, and using the Forum rather than facebook!

Regarding your question. The North Route was designed by John Ross in collaboration with two Spanish riders, one form the Basque Country and one from Galicia.

Since then we have made a few changes following feedback but these have almost all been access issues rather than difficulty. The clearest feedback about using big bikes has been to say that the only problem with taking a GS would be having difficulty picking one up on your own, so I think you can take that as a 'yes, it's OK!

Thanks too for pointing out that you will split up into smaller groups to ride the trails. Although there is no local restriction on group sizes west of Aragon, where five is the maximum, it does make a lot of common sense to split into groups of four to six/seven. This not only reduces any environmental impact - although IMHO this is negligible for bikes rather than lathe groups of 4x4's! - but also makes the riding safer and more certain, i.e. if one bike or rider 'fails' then s/he has fewer buddies who are, or feel, compelled to stick by them. Then there's always a sluggard popping back to the loo after a coffee brek ... :)


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