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Spanish Motorcycle Federation's Code of Conduct

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:50 am
by Simon_100
Worth checking this out before you ride the TET here - a sort of Ten Commandments:

#1 Always ride the motorcycle with insurance, registration and in perfect mechanical condition.

#2 Always give priority to animals, pedestrians and cyclists.

#3 Always close gates after you pass through - if they were closed in the first place (my addition)!

#4 Reduce your speed to less than 10 kph (first gear) when passing pedestrians and cyclists and limit your speed according any limit indicated by the Traffic Code.

#5 Stop the engine completely before the passage of horses, cattle and animals in general.

#6 Avoid as much as possible the creation of tracks, ruts or markings of passage, avoiding wetlands and existing ruts made by water run-off or temporary watercourses.

#7 Avoid traveling through busy areas and at times when farm animals are being herded.

#8 Use ecological or trial tyres as much as possible.

#9 Make the minimum possible noise and impact in the environment using exhaust that comply with the legal acoustic limit regulation. Standard exhaust systems are recommended.

#10 Inform the authorities of any spillage, fire hazard, stray animals or any with symptoms of disease, dead animals or any alteration of the environment, paying special attention to wetlands, water courses and their surroundings.

NB this is my translation, see the original here.