Route changes

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Route changes

Post by trunkenpolz » Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:59 pm

hello roman. did you change the TET route for slovenia just to improve and extend it or was it due to closures or something like that?
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Re: Route changes

Post by Ni3ous » Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:38 am

Hello, TET SLOVENIA Version "TET SLO 20180406" was updated to give rider better experience. New loop offers more scenic trails and great panoramas.

70% of Slovenian area is covered with forrests.
15% of the Slovenian area are National parks or Unesco protections, where riding in nature is not allowed.
So creating a trail that does not lead all the time through the forrest is a demanding task in Slovenia.
Since we have a lot of forrests its also hard to create a trail that will give you nice visibility over the landscape.

TET SLO version "TET SLO 20180406" is taking in to account all those facts and is now offering even more great trails, nice panoramas, siteseeing, campgrounds, gas stations, nice rest spots, castles, nice place to sleep over and other great stuff.

I am also adding the section one might want to skip if riding heavier bike or riding techniqe is not really advanced.

Start of demanding trail: N45 52.549 E13 48.591
End of demanding trail: N45 50.947 E13 42.219


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Re: Route changes

Post by whitman » Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:35 am

Hi Roman,

Have there been changes to the slovenian route in the area between kobarid, uccea and zaga?

Your recorded GPS track goes through ZAGA while the pic on the TET Page in the slovenian section goes through the mountains.

Is it forbidden in the meantime to ride through the mountains or was there another reason to change the track?

We are planning to do a two day trip to the slovenian TET on 28/29. July coming from southern Austria.

We are a GS and a CRF1000 willing to try out whats possible :-)

Cheers and Thanks
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