Santander to Lagos (the Portugal one) in 6 days? Route advice please.

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Santander to Lagos (the Portugal one) in 6 days? Route advice please.

Post by Banzaibrothers » Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:30 pm

Hi All,

So the planning goes on for May 2020. Think I have bike shipping sorted from Lagos. Now I need to work out if it's achievable in the time.

Us: 4 or 5 riders from the UK. Riding KTM 690 or similar size bike. Have been riding the trails of the UK for several years. We are not 'fast' but we have yet to be completely stopped by anything (of course, that's on 350's!).

Trails we like: off-road, not completely flat fire roads but doesn't need to be 'extreme enduro' difficult. But we do like the odd challenge :D Nice views, water crossings, bridges etc.

Accommodation: Mix of camping and a couple of hotels.

We are planning to arrive in Santander on a Sunday at about 1415 - but from what I've read that could mean getting off the ferry at 15:30 or 18:30! We need to be in Lagos by Saturday night.

The routes I have all start in Braganca. I have the TET, the TPT, the 2015 LAL and the ACT. The ACT can be done in 5 days but I get the impression a lot is either road or easy fast trail. The LAL is done as a 3 day event, mostly off-road, but that is with support.

So the questions:

1) Is Santander to Lagos in 6 days (ideally 5 days to allow for mis-haps) achievable with mostly off-road routes and a moderate/easy pace?

2) If we need to save time by taking 'easier' trails (i.e. ACT) would it be best to do this in the North or the South?

3) Are there any 'must do' sections of the above routes? You know, like the ridge line with the wind turbines.

4) Is there a scenic but relatively fast route (roads OK for this) from Santander to Braganca?

It's a lot to ask of you all, and very subjective I know, but I'd value any advice or comments.


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Re: Santander to Lagos (the Portugal one) in 6 days? Route advice please.

Post by Joel82 » Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:56 pm

If you have good/decent weather you should be ok, riding at a normal pace 5 days is enough to do the Portuguese TET. The northern half is mountains, very beautiful but a bit slower trails after that the terrain levels until the hills of the south. If you don't waste to much time during meals and don't stop to often is doable. If you get a bit behind on some section due to breakdown or puncture just get on the road for a few miles to pick up some time.
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