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TET Friendly business Back Country MC

Post by ogunders » Thu May 09, 2019 10:19 pm


I am the owner of a small business called Back Country MC. The commercial part is that I am the importer of Giant Loop gear and sells thru my shop or from the webshop. I do not expect lots of TET travellers to come by and buy Giant Loop gear, but you never now :P

The main idea with this post is to tell you I am also offering TET FRIENDLY services like:
- Tenting
- Fireplace and BBQ possibilities (when there is no standing instructions forbidding it)
- Toilets
- Fresh drinking water
- Access to workshop if you need to fix something on your bike (typical farming workshop with car-lift, welder, press and so on)
- Store your van / trailer etc when exploring the TET: We will take care of it and guard it.
- Help with change tires
- ORDER tires from me in front of your trip so you have fresh tires. You will see the receipt and I will sell them to you with no-profit. You can also bring your own tires.
- If you have a breakdown in the area, I can (if I am available) take my boxed trailer and pick you up. I can even store your wreck until furhter instructions and being helpful with bringing / shipping the bike back to you if the result is that bad.
- and the list goes on and on, Use your imagine :-)

The most improtant part is that this "space" is located on an old farm which has been a goldcourse for many years. Now it converted back to farming land, but still large areas has grass on it and perfect for pitching up a tent. My old folks lives at the farm and my father is also a biker, despite his age of 74, he is still drusing on the gravel roads with his Transalp with real knobbies. He is also an old mechanich from cars and farming machines, so I have yet to see a "problem" he cannot fix. He lives in the "Big house" and he can be contacted any time and usually at home.
I live in a small village a few km´s from the shop / space. If you want me to come and visit you, open up the store or just have a chat, then just send me an email with you expected arrival (mailATbackcountrymc.no) or call / text me at +47 90-10-eightyeight-fiftyfour. This is my only "job" unless I am out riding and discovering new routes for the TET :-)

I will put up a box stating "TET donations" and even if all services are free of use, you are free to donate whatever you feel is the right before you leave. All the money will go straight to Mr John Ross and the TET Org to keep this spirit alive.

PS: If you plan your trip well, most things are possible. If you need tires, the delivery time from Delticom is now around THREE weeks. So be ahead, if you want fresh tires for TET Norway, or for your return.

If you go to my website: www.backcountrymc.no you will see a TET Rider menu (in English). There you will find a location link and some information.
You can also follow me on FB on /backcountrymc

Happy trails!

Ole Christian Gundersen, owner
Back Country MC - Norway
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