Northern part of the French TET - advice needed!

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Northern part of the French TET - advice needed!

Post by monsteruk » Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:17 pm

Hi All,

First post on the tet forum, so please be kind! :-)

In June this year, I am hoping (as a solo rider) to do the very north part of the tet in France, starting in calais and heading west / south, before heading east toward Belgium (turning toward the east near Wavrans-sur-l'Aa), and following the route toward the Belgium - emerging just south of Dunkirk (if you look at the tet route on the site, at the very top, you can see the loop i mean - its only short - about 130 miles all together). I have a few simple questions if anyone could help out?

1. Assuming a novice rider, how long would it take to ride that section? I am thinking if I start Calais in the morning, I would need a night on the trail somewhere, before pushing on towards Belgium (maybe stopping in Bruge that evening). Does that sound about right?
2. For the section I am looking at riding, how much is road and how much is off-road? Would be good to have a percentage on that
3. For the off-road sections, are they easy trails, or are there any particularly technical stretches? I am a relatively novice off-roader, riding an Africa Twin. Any ideas of parts to avoid (if any) would be really useful.

As I say, I am a solo rider (on my own), novice off road, and on an Africa Twin (although I may trade in for something a little lighter).

Any help on the above, much appreciated!

Thanks all.
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Re: Northern part of the French TET - advice needed!

Post by Plodder » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:08 am

Hi monsteruk.

Me and a few friends are doing this section in April from Calais. Down south for 2 or 3 days then turn around and up to the Belgium border if we have time before heading back to Calais.

I'll happily report back after the trip but have no knowledge to answer your questions at the moment (however, that probably doesn't help you as it's very close to when you go).
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Re: Northern part of the French TET - advice needed!

Post by Froggy » Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:56 pm

Hello Monsteruk, If you're beginner, 150 km per day is a good day. If you've a bad weather be careful in particular if you've a big bike loaded and alone, this is a wet and muddy section. In off road with a big bike you will always have a fisrt warning ( falling at a low speed, start loosing the trail..) listen to this first alert and have a break.
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