GPX route

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GPX route

Post by Niterunner » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:06 am

Hello Dooby,

Pretty quiet here :(
I'm so happy to find some trail routes in EU as it seems there are so many beautiful places to discover, but also a constant fear of venturing into prohibited places accidentally. I'm excited to try your route, but I'll have to wait for warmer weather. I'm wondering why so much of this route is away from the water. Croatia is known for the breathtaking coastline, so I guess there must be some spectacular roads on the inland portion of this route?
How much of the route is unpaved? I'm really looking for some off road adventure.
I like your bio; I'm also a mountain biker and huge outdoor enthusiast.
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Re: GPX route

Post by Dooby » Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:35 pm

Hi Niterunner,

Thanks for taking interest, appreciate it.

As for the route, islands and coastline, ... the terrain is dry, or should i say rugged, it would be really hard to connect islands in meaningful way (rode them on motorcycle and mtb multiple times). Ferry's are kinda not cheap if you need to take 10 of them, and that add to the total reasoning.
We do have plans to suggest people some alternative options, and I will do some more scouting in spring next year, because Slovenian-Croatian connection is going to be changed.

Real off-road riding in Europe start in Croatian, door to Balkans and unlimited options to ride unpaved roads.

Inland route is really great, we need to show dramatical scenery and for those we need a ridge or high plateaus. We will make some alterations over winter to the route, to add more drama (view vise not ride vise) and to allow the people to enjoy the best views they're out there.
Majority of the route is unpaved with some technical sections that caused some riders stressful moments. We're suggesting to either join some other riders for these portions of the route, or if you're fit and technical rider it's totally doable even on a big bike.
Plan is to change or should I say reduce the paved area in northern part to some new tracks and options, to reduce the tar as mush as we can. This area is little bit hard with less options available, and we need to take into account the average rider inclined to test themselves against the terrain, not a copy of Tadeusz Blazusiak right :)

If you have any other questions please let me know, or you can PM me, but it's better for the community to leave as max info as it's possible on the forum itself.

Thanks for the comments on bio, if you have any questions where to ride mtb, climb, or any other activity in that matter you can also post here. My idea is to push people to ride the area, but if they will love the nature and atmosphere with the local people, to entice them to come back and try some outdoor stuff alongside off-road riding of their motorcycle.

Niterunner where do you live?

Have a great week and upcoming holidays :thumb up:

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