TET Belgium, Easter weekend 2019: Looking for riding partners

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TET Belgium, Easter weekend 2019: Looking for riding partners

Post by GS1150AdventureAndi » Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:55 pm

I´m planning a four-days trip on the TET Belgium and I´m looking for riding partners.

I created a seperate facebook-goup to meet potential riding partners and to discuss. Everybody who is not an arsehole and who accepts the TET code of conduct is welcome to join :-)
Just search fb for "TET Belgium, Easter weekend 2019: Looking for riding partners"

Me: 42 years old, from Germany/Ruhrarea, experienced in offroad riding but no ralley/racing ambitions...like to drive slow/medium to enjoy scenery and reduce risk

Bike: BMW 1150 GS Adv., will be light- loaded with minimal camping stuff and essentials for 4 days, of course with knobbies.

The Plan: https://www.transeurotrail.org/belgium/
Start at the eastern or the western entry point on Friday, 19th April. (For me) arrival near the entry point on the evening before and camping. Which entry point we choose...let´s vote!

I know some parts of the north-eastern TET-Belgium track. My experience: Even under good (dry) conditions it is not easy to make more than 200 km per day with a big bike. If weather is characterised by torrential rain ... many parts become almost impossible because of deep mud/clay. Therefore, if weather will be days of strong raining just before the 19th April and also if forecasted as bad over this weekend...I would prefer to cancel the whole trip.

However, I´m an optimist and for sure weather will be great and the track amazing!

Why four days and not two-three, as stated on the TET-Website?
I think with my riding ambitions, 3.5 days on the track are realistic and also more fun. I want to take frequent riding-breaks (maybe each 1.5 hours) to stay concentrated, to take pictures, to enjoy places etc...and (depending on exit point) half a day is needed to go home via highway or other tarmac.

As a first description, this is it! Further details should be worked out together.
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