TET SW-NorthCape-FIN Aug'19

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TET SW-NorthCape-FIN Aug'19

Post by Qboy » Mon Jul 29, 2019 2:49 pm

H guys,

as first post, first a big thanks to the community for creating this.

just wanted to initiate this post to share here another Scandinavia trip: me and some friends will be riding the TET Sweden from Malmö until North Cape (beatiful Norway loop for another time) and back via Finland until Helsinki during this august...if time, tracks and weather allows. This all begins this next w/e. Pretty excited already, many kms ahead. The plan is to cover around 200Kms/day, no race or alike, of course, I will report on this for future riders.

On gear, we are on two GSAs (LWR's did very bad to so many of us! ;) ), so, watch out if you are heading south, "trucks" ahead! Our third man will ride a single dual sport, kind of scout compared, will likely have most fun of us, if we agree to carry his camping gear he he he; all german plates...just say hello in case you meet us on the way or any camping along

We already prepared the whole thing (equipment, routes, allowance home...tough one this latter one), just waiting for the day to go while praying for lasting good weather.

Any especial info or advise is of course welcome, don't hesitate to reply

Well, that was it for today, hopefully I can report briefly on the tracks, greets all
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