TET from Italy to greece in June/July 2019

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TET from Italy to greece in June/July 2019

Post by Meetchee » Fri Jul 19, 2019 12:40 pm

My opinion on TET Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania.

First big thanks to the linesmen who did a wonderful job! Amazing guys!
I made this solo trip in 19 days with a Honda CRF 250 L, 5kg luggage and rotopax of 3.8L gasoline reserve, total weight of the bike: 153kg.
It's about 3800km.
I slept in hotels, they’re very cheap in general (20 to 30 euros)

Italy: I started the track in Piovenne Rochette, beautiful but rare trails in the forest. A lot of tracks are blocked by trees or collapsed. About 80% of road, a bit boring but I know there are strict regulations in Italy.
Easy route, you can do it with all types of bikes..

Slovenia: +/ - 50 km of road before reaching the trails that you will nearly never leave. The trails are very easy but a bit slippery. The country looks like a gigantic forest!

Croatia: after the border we are immediately on the trails but it becomes more difficult. A little bit after Senj, we enter the Sjeverni Velebit National Park, access is forbidden to motorcycles. So I cut by the road to go to Karlobag. After karlobag, we go along the sea and we turn left towards the mountains, very difficult parts, if you do it with a big trailbike, you have to be two or three.

Bosnia: great tracks in the forest. After kuprès (where I met two Italian guys, we rode together In Bosnia ane Montenegro). Things get a bit harder, a lot of tracks with very big stones and mountain passes that sometimes last an hour. A lot of trails in the forest too. Fabulous landscapes!

Montenegro: paradise for offroad bikers! Take a ride on Lake Pluzine, it's really amazing! The stage that starts in Pluzine is too long to do in one go, so we stayed in a refuge at Lake Kapetanovo Jezero. An extraordinary stage where we feel a bit like driving in Mongolia! The last pass before Podgorica was very difficult and I left Marco and Mauro who went backrned to Italy!

Albania: It starts with the Theth National Park, a whole day and 180km without leaving the trails. Royal welcome everywhere we stop and total security. Take a boat trip on Lake Komani, it's worth it! After Maqelläre, a super hard track of about 2h-2h30, it was almost a permanent riverbed. If you ride with a big bike, you’ve got to have friends with you. It was the last hard part!! After Albania I wanted to go to Greece but the tracks in the last four countries were rather physically demanding and I preferred to go back to Italy to have a rest.

here's the link to a little video shot in a hard part in Albania : https://www.dropbox.com/s/aurv5o4ugss53 ... 5.MOV?dl=0

And youTube vids very soon!
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