Proposed TET route from London to Mainland (September)

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Proposed TET route from London to Mainland (September)

Post by 8bitbiker » Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:14 pm

Hi all,

First post here, mostly been following the FB group and adding my two cents there every now and then.
So, mid-september we are departing via eurotunnel circa 10pm 12th September to be returning back on the 29th September...
Looking for some inspiration or "direction" on where to head. Unfortunately we left the Spain ferry to the last minute so that's no longer an option but our decision was either to head down to Southern Spain or somewhere like Croatia / Bosnia for the TET.

The two bikes we are on are:

2019 690 Enduro R fully kitted for long distance TET riding just waiting on my tank mod at the moment
2017 250 CRF Rally fairly bare bones.

I think it's fair to say if we had gotten the ferry we'd be doing south Spain/Portugal for those two weeks. Alas we have to make our way down there and do the TET or to focus on Southern France / Eastern Europe.

I guess the question is really given the time, is there much we can do on any of those locations listed or are we really just stuck with North France?

Experience levels in terms of off-road / enduro is intermediate / advanced.
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