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Luggage from

Post by Contactpatch » Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:04 pm

Kit review - 'Endurance ADV' panniers from fitted to a 990 adventure.

Hi all. Though I'd write a quick review on some panniers I took a punt on after seeing an ad on Facebook. I have no affiliation to them, just wanted something roomy, rugged and not too expensive.

I bought the panniers from a couple of months ago. Price wise they seemed much cheaper than a lot of the other brands, but the material seemed ideal for some of the rugged terrain of things like the TET (the material is very similar to military load carrying kit like webbing and bergens).

The panniers arrived in a couple of weeks. I immediately impressed with the quality of the external material - really hard wearing and looked as if it would certainly do the job. They boast fully waterproof, so seeing the integral liner made me feel better about that.

There seem to be lots of added extras the Wolfman ones don't have. There are large section of velcro loop and extra D-rings along the top bag, so plenty of place to hook onto or attach to. Many of the fixing straps are captive to stop them sliding around when the bags full and the bikes moving.

I first used the panniers in thrashing rain to and from work for a week, moving some text books. There were no leaks to be found so that gave me confidence to put a sleeping bag in them for trips away.

The first major test was a long weekend on the UK TET. There were water crossings, lots of mud, plenty of dust and some rain; added to that I came off a fair few times on some pretty rugged sections and at speed. The panniers held up better than my previous Wolfman ones, with no snags in the material or broken clips.

I also ordered the optional inner bags to enable me to take my kit out and get it into the tent without taking the panniers off the bike.

All in all they seem to be pretty damn good bags for the money.
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Re: Luggage from

Post by Knobbly » Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:56 pm

Hi CP,
Those DO look like good kit! I've got the Kriega panniers and roll bags. They are okay, but the straps are a bit many and faffy. I would be tempted to give the Endurance ones a go. Switching to a smaller bike this year (or adding, rather ☺️) so I am planning packing now. ... p_bag.html

I like the looks of these Xcountry bags too. A little pricier than your Endurance ADV ones but not by much🤔. Choices!

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