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Repair knowhow

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:19 am
by lucsali
Hej folks,

First of all, if this post is not in the correct thread feel free to move it, I couldn't think of one that matched :)

This summer I'll head towards Lithuania/Ukraine, taking sections of TET as i make my way south. I'll be riding solo.

As I'm a new rider, I'd like to hear what do you consider necessary bike repairing skills when taking on this kind of trips. I'll try to prepare based on this, and buy eventual spares before hand (probably based on a the overlap between the ideas from the travel kit thread and my skills at the time). :studyinggray:

I ride a Suzuki DL650 XT. A big bike, I'm aware, but I plan on taking it slow and with judgement.
I rode parts of TET Sweden earlier this year.

Re: Repair knowhow

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:39 pm
by Moo.
Kudos to you for attempting it on a Vstrom. I have one as a second bike but find it too heavy.

Id advise you make sure you have decent engine bars to take the falls so none of the exposed bits get damaged.

Engine wise, tue Vstrom is quite a hard bike to do work on, as youll have to remove half the bike to get anywhere, including the spark plugs...

Id take enough tools to be able to take both wheels out and to get to frequent maintenance areas like sprocket covers, tools to remove fairings etc..

Make sure you have a sump guard, as the oil filter is exposed and the exhaust is low hung.

Take spares cables or a cable repair kit and make sure yiu know how to access them.