Use Garmin IMG Maps in Locus Map Pro?

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Use Garmin IMG Maps in Locus Map Pro?

Post by Linesman-A » Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:58 am

Locus Map Pro is not the esiast navigation map on Android to configure but one of the most powerful. So far it is the app being able to read 12 different maps formats, including the very popular Garmin IMG Format. A huge bunge of map sources using IMG format is provided through the following wiki page: ... n/Download

Anyone who hast tried to use Garmin IMG files on OSM will face wrong color map schemes. Of course those can be edited by oneself, but this is definitely not a simple task. Yesterday a friend of us, Matthias, told that OSM Freizeitkarten offers a ready to go Theme (Design) for IMG Maps as well one click map download and install of Garmin IMG OSM map in Locus Map Pro.

And yes it is really that simple, just the following steps are needed:

1. Install Locus Map Pro on your Android device (sorry iOS, there is not Locus Map Pro available)
2. Start Locus Map Pro once on your phone
3. Open the page with a webbrower on your opne
4. Choose Karten für Android Smartphone / Tablett
5. Choose Karten and Region preferred for your map download
6. Click on the Locus Map Pro Icon besides the map file you want to download
7. Answer the question to open the link with Locus Map Pro with yes
8. Download and installation is taking place automatically
9. After download choose the map in Locus Map Pro > offline maps and set it active

Of course you can repeat the steps for any other preferred region. It can´t be simpler! Enjoy Locus Map Pro with free maps and one click install.
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