Garmin Basecamp is dead

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Garmin Basecamp is dead

Post by Didado » Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:45 pm

I've been using Garmin Basecamp for about 3 years now and I always wondered why there haven't been any updates since 2016. I just discovered Garmin Basecamp is dead. Garmin stopped developing the program in 2016. Bummer.


If you back up to the Garmin cloud, you have until may I believe to get your stuff onto another cloud. Garmin is stopping with cloud support.There are zillions of online routing apps to use but I like Basecamp because it is one of the few with a nice interface that you can use offline. I need that when travelling. Often there's no connection or it is no better then slow 3G. It is also nice because you can install all sorts of OSM maps.

I just discovered for online routing and tracks. It has nice map options and the premium feature has a very nice split screen between the map and Google Street View.

Now I need to find an MacOS or Windows offline routing app with a decent interface. Sooner or later Basecamp will stop working. I'm already experiencing more crashes and bugs as the OS-es on my computers are being updated.

Something like Qland Karte doesn't do it for me. I find the interface complex and a turn off. Any one have any suggestion?
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Re: Garmin Basecamp is dead

Post by WillS » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:06 am

Thanks for the info!!
That's really bad news, Garmin dropped MapSource for BaseCamp, and now discontinuing with BaseCamp!!!!!
Used BaseCamp for years, and a great programme once you have mastered it!!
So how long have we got, or will Garmin replace with another App.. Let's hope so.
Must be millions of users out there.
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