OSMAND+ vs. ViewRanger my conclusion

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OSMAND+ vs. ViewRanger my conclusion

Post by Wauschi » Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:18 am

I am in the middle of preparing for the next adventure and would like to post a brief summary of my findings on navigation apps so others might take advantage of.

I started using apps for navigation in 2011 when I got lost in India and maps.me literally saved my life.
Last summer I decided to switch to ViewRanger because it turned out I can ride faster when having an crossbar and arrow pointing the direction.
Navigation can be reduced to having a brief look at the display, decision left/right - full throttle.

My preparations for this season reduced my favour for ViewRanger, which is still good but...
- I will not have internet in all regions, so on some section I will not have maps available. (This is when I used maps.me with OSM in the past)
- After the import of my .gpx files have about 800 Tracks on my device which makes the software pretty lame.
- (I don't want to have 800 Tracks on the device but) once imported it's a pain in the a.. to managing, disable or delete tracks with ViewRanger.
- My last point is, am willing to buy an app, but my budget does not allow buying maps for each and every segment I travel
So started to look for an alternative.

After being forced to use FB (viewtopic.php?f=17&t=35) I discovered most riders use OSMAND.

Yesterday I transferred all tracks to OSMAND.
It worked like a charm.
The tracks which resulted in 800 single segment with ViewRanger are now only 6 simple tracks, which can be enabled/disabled easily.
- My first impression is OSMAND is much easier to use.
- The app is € 9.- but all maps are for free
I'll continue testing.

The point is, I am surprised by the capabilities of OSMAND and can't explain how I could have miss this one.
I'll get back with a summary after the season.


P.S.: I think it's ok to communicate on FB. But for the information relevant for the community shall be kept on this very server. It shall add value and strengthen this community and not FB.
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Re: OSMAND+ vs. ViewRanger my conclusion

Post by Lenzwerf » Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:36 pm

800 tracks in 6? That's weird. As a user of Osmand for 5 years I might have a few tips there. When the tracks are too long you'll run in troubles along the way. It will take a long time to load and everything will run slower.
Importing gpx files with multiple tracks in Osmand will result in one long track so it's best to prepare the tracks and export them seperately (you can embed POI's/waypoints or favourites in them). | usually try to make tracks for every day of riding but you can make them longer. I've used a 900Km track with a lot of trackpoints once on a very slow phone (3years ago) and it worked but not without some issues when I had to take a detour. Phones are faster and Osmand got better but very long tracks just complicates everything.
You can make sub folders in the Osmand tracks-folder. That way you can manage the files easily from within the app and a file manager.

Have fun! Lennert
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