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Re: iOS Apps for Navigation

Post by UNTAMED me » Wed Jan 23, 2019 1:43 pm

Thanks everybody for all the posts.
I'm using Garmin Montana regulary, with differnt maps in the background. That is base.
I have tried many different apps, payed, free and with differnt plans.
Instaling Galileo right now...
I ride mostly in Balkans and, so far, Omand is the best phone app (iphone) for me. The main reason is that, Osmand was the first map with Open MTB map layer, which, I asure you, is the best availible vector map to use for navigating Balkans OF ROAD. I do mountainiring and climbing and, for some regions (for example Durmitor montain in Montenegro) OSM MTB maps are superiod to ANY other map, online or ofline, vector or bitmap...
So, for Balkans (Croatia, B&H, Montenegro,Albania), so far, I suggest whatever app that uses OSM MTB maps. Note that for OSM MTM maps, differnt apps use different names,so it isn't always easy to find if the map is MTB or not...
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Re: iOS Apps for Navigation

Post by tshansen » Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:13 am

The Galileo map app has changed name with the last update to Guru Maps..... just a heads up :)
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