Live GPS Tracking of TET Riders

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Live GPS Tracking of TET Riders

Post by Redballrun » Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:06 pm


We've created a "Spotwalla" page for people using the TET. (

In essence, it's a live map that can show the current location of anyone and everyone using the TET. All they need to do is run an appropriate app on their phone (Android or iOS) or have a Spot or InReach. (Using phones will limit location to when there is network coverage)

Remember to "Join" when you're on a TET trip and remove yourself when you're not.

To use it:
1. Create an account on Spotwalla (
2. Choose the appropriate personal location device ( Bubbler GPS for Android and gibbyTrip for iOS
3. On Spotwalla, go to your account and click on your name (top right) and choose preferences. Enter your initials for Location ID and check the Motorcyclist box. Click Update
4. Now go to Devices in your account. Add your device and Update
5. On the devices page, click on your Device then choose Secure Zones.
6. Activate the Dynamic Zone (this stops people knowing exactly where you are if you stop for any length of time so people won't go "Oooh, I've seen on his Blog that's he's got a really cool bike. Now I know where it is I'll go and nick it!"
7. You may also want to create static secure zones around your work location, garage, home etc for the same reason.
8. Once you have decided on your Secure Zones, click Update Zones.
9. You can now start a Trip ( this leaves a breadcrumb trail of where you've been) or just go to, login and then enter the password for the page: 4ridersbyriders

A trace of the rough TET is embedded in this Spotwalla page - it's pretty out of date now so don't vent think about using it for navigation!
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