Helmet Review - Nolan N70-2x

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Helmet Review - Nolan N70-2x

Post by Redballrun » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:56 pm

Nolan N70-2x Thoughts
So I've had this helmet for 6 months or so but due to the inclement UK weather I only really got a chance to try it out properly over a multi-day trip last month. 4 days riding in France, 1900km, 50% unpaved. Everything from motorway to nudger climb. Rain, sun and wind.

Ryan (https://youtu.be/LcbWohifbl8 at 08:37) has got it pretty well nailed. The helmet has so much going for it in terms of number of configurations and features. For >95% of the time I rode with the full adventure helmet configuration including the chin bar. I removed the bar only when stopped to help haul people out of holes, check maps, chat on the trail, take a crafty smoke or pop into a service station.

The field of vision is enormous with no encroachment on view. It really feels like wearing an open face helmet even when chin bar is fixed in place.

The visor is high quality with a nice stepped series of positions in the perfect positions. The internal tinted visor is also optically perfect and I had no complaints about its reach or size - no stopping half way down my field of view or nudging my nose. Where it did fall down on was the out-retraction. I think the dust gets in there and by the end of the 4th day it was needing a it of help to ease it back up.

The peak is at a nice height, fully adjustable and doesn't catch the wind on the motorway.

Nice big pockets for Interphone ear pads and really pretty quiet especially when the visor was down.

The padding is comfortable with no pressure points and allows excellent ventilation . Fully removable and washable.

Apart from the internal visor mechanism mentioned above there are two main issues i feel - weight and strap.
It is a heavy helmet compared to many others on the market - albeit they do not have the range of options and configurations. I'm used to a Suomy Jump! and a Klim Krios and that little ache at the nape of the neck became noticeable towards the end of the day. Making it in carbon would sort that out but, obviously, rack up the price.
I really did not like the micro-adjustable chin strap. The buckle, no matter how many times I rearranged the padding and position and length was just too wide and I felt it pressing on the top of my Adams apple or rubbing under my chin. Theres really nothing wrong with good old D-rings especially when the helmet doesn't need to be taken off so much because of the removable chin bar.

So overall, it was a bit of a curate's egg - good in parts. If Nolan could cut the weight, go less fancy on the chin strap and perhaps improve the dust protection/spring in the internal visor, I think they'd have a winner.

Now I need to decide if its the Krios or the N70-2x I use for a month in Eastern Europe.......
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Re: Helmet Review - Nolan N70-2x

Post by Lu Mo » Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:53 pm

Good review. I totally share your view on things. I have not had the issue with dust obstructing the internal visor (yet). The buckle story is spot on. Every time I use this helmet I have irritated skin around the adams apple. I use it on an Africa Twin with the higher OEM screen and i have no buffeting or other issues on the highway. Leaving for Stella Alpina soon and that will be the first time I will be wearing it the whole day for a whole week. Still need to install a comms system. SInce I have a Sena 10S on my Shoei I'll probably just buy a second support to install the unit on. N Com system looks great but it is 84 euro versus 260 euro solution.
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