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Re: Low budget bike for TET - Looking for recommendations

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:45 am
by tomtomf
Hey there!

Currently i am also on the hunt for a reasonably priced dual sport long distance adventure enduro, whatever you call it.
I have read tons and tons of threads on various sites and spent days contemplating which bike would fit my needs.

I pretty much always end up in the same category of bikes you mentioned:
- Dead simple, reliable
- 1 cylinder, ~600cc
- preferably air/oil cooled
- no fancy stuff

considering a tight budget it basically all comes down to a DR650SE or a XT600E. Both old, both hard to find in good condition here in Europe.
Finding a good TT600 on a low budget will be even harder and in my area it's pretty much impossible.

obviously i do not have any real life experience with these bikes but from what i've heard a modified dr650 would do the job fine.
have you considered a DR650RSE or a XTZ 660 Tenere? Both are heavier and i don't really like their looks but they are far more common here in Europe.

Currently there are a few XT600 up for sale in my area. I would greatly appreciate any advice you guys could give me!
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Cheers, Tom

Re: Low budget bike for TET - Looking for recommendations

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:57 pm
by Meetchee
Hi Tom,
I had a DR650RSE 20 years ago, I rode 50 000 km with it, good bike but old technology and poor suspensions and chassis. Not so long ago I bought a KTM 690 enduro R, good bike too but much too powerful, too high and absolute crap on technical sections. They both had the same problem, they stall very easily. I now own a CRF250 L which is absolutely perfect for the TET, OK it's not powerful but it can take you anywhere (even on very technical stuff) and you don't have to worry about maintenance, you wanna ride 10 000km, you won't even have to check the oil or chain tension. I'm an experienced enduro rider and I can say it's the best "travelling" bike I've ever had, you cannot compare a 20 year old bike to this little CRF, I know these old bikes are in fashion but I really don't understand why.
And to finish you can't compare Honda quality to other Japanese brands, let's not even talk about European bikes...

Re: Low budget bike for TET - Looking for recommendations

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:36 am
by tomtomf
Hi Meetchee!

I really get your point and i thought long and hard about it. I guess it's one of those never ending discussions about new vs. old bikes just like big vs. small.
From what i see the 250L is fairly popular for super lightweight touring. Offroad i think it would be a really good choice however as i am located in Austria i'll have to do quite some distance on tarmac.
How does it keep up especially on tarmac alpine roads, do you miss some power there (compared to a dr650)?

On the topic of low budget bikes. Depending on the area you wont even get a used 250L below 3000€.
In stock condition it will need at least a few modifications to be able to cover some distance on it -> €€
The stock suspension is supposed to be on the soft side. With luggage you might want to upgrade it -> €€

The old ~600cc bikes in reasonable condition are around 1500-2000€.
Aside from a few upgrades these bikes possibly also need some maintenance but overall it will be more suitable for a low budget.
Ultimately you'll still end up with an old bike but when these came out i am sure people had lots of fun with them, so why wouldn't we 25 years later?