Picking your bike. a question with many answers

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Re: Picking your bike. a question with many answers

Post by Angustoyou » Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:18 pm

The small Wolfman Enduro tank bag works well on the 690/701. Enough space for tools and trail snacks, and not in the way when standing. I'm very much in agreement that the 690 makes a great adventure bike. It'll do 113 mph to the rev limiter in top, so sit comfortably all day long at 75 if you must chug the miles. Does between 120 and 150 to a tank full, which is time for a break anyways. An absolute hoot carving round the twisty roads, ok on the dull straight ones, though for a good bike trip they're minimised anyway. Light enough to tackle some technical off roading, and a blast on the faster easy going stuff, even with reduced travel and clearance so I can get my little feet down. Hard to stop grinning whenever I ride it, it's pretty well perfect for me.
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